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How Findable Is Your Local Business?

Dex Media has helped more than 600,000 local businesses nationwide create and grow customer relationships by providing a customizable mix of marketing solutions. 

Objective: To attract and engage prospects and customers, in order to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and increase sales conversion rates.

Bulldog created The How Findable Are You?TM campaign to make prospective Dex Media customers aware of the importance of being found by local shoppers using five key marketing factors: Brand, Physical Location, Advertising, Online Presence, and Reputation and Community.

The assessment provides local businesses with an objective Findable Scorecard™ that reveals marketing gaps, which are passed along to sales consultants to sell appropriate Dex Media solutions. The scorecard also includes educational resources to help a local business improve their visibility to connect with more customers.

The How Findable Are You?TM campaign was extensively marketed through integrated email, video and sales enablement campaigns developed by Bulldog.

Results: More than 36,000 completed assessments have been delivered to Dex Media local marketing consultants as MQLs.

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