How to Turn Engineers into Superheroes

Atmel Corporation is an American-based designer and manufacturer of semiconductors. They turned to Bulldog to create demand for their portfolio of solutions as well as an awareness of their newest ARM-based products. While the rest of the technology leaders were busy talking in the weeds about mico-differentiation points (literally), we decided to take the conversation to a more human level.

Atmel offers powerful software alongside their products to help engineers test new microcontrollers and microprocessors. In many ways, that gives their customers a sense of power. To demonstrate that power,  we created an online portal where engineers can enter their name and basic information in order to create a free superhero poster of themselves. The poster humorously visualizes the very real powers that Atmel can give you (notice the focus on solutions, not products).

The larger, integrated demand generation marketing program included traditional content marketing alongside exciting creative experiences like this one.


So, hopefully you're feeling a little creative by now. What a perfect time to reach out...

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