Avaya Infographic

Mobile Collaboration

Avaya hired Bulldog to educated businesses about the benefits of increased collaboration – especially in a workforce where geography is increasinly less important. While the campaign we produced included lots of interesting, highly useful interactive experiences, one experience warranted it's own spotlight.

You see, Avaya is a global brand. They offer solutions (primarily sold through channel partners) around the world, which makes marketing especially challenging. To educate business leaders about the future of (mobile) collaboration, Bulldog came up with an interactive infographic: "How Mobility Shapes the Future of Collaboration"

But this wasn't just any old PDF infographic. No sir. Depending on where you were in the world, this web-based infographic displayed the appropriate language for you, based on where you were located. Users could easily change the language on their own. Additionally, our infographic demonstrated the impact of collaboration inside various industries. But not all regional marketing teams wanted to focus on the same industries. So, Bulldog allowed each region to dictate exactly which content would be shown (which industry examples) within their version of the landing page. In the end, Bulldog produced a singular web experience that was smart enough to adapt to language and content variables, on the fly.

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