12 Days of Video Marketing

In 2014, Vidyard teamed up with Bulldog to launch an interactive holiday campaign. The primary goal of the campaign was to activate their database, generate new leads, and drive additional engagement with their top content from the year.

How it worked:
Vidyard sent out a personalized video to a large portion of their subscriber list. The video ended with a wrapped gift for each recipient (with the viewer's name on it). For example, the link sent to “Mike Smith” would have displayed a video that included a gift tag saying “To: Mike.”

Since Vidyard was offering lots of great content mixed in with surprises like free Starbucks gift cards, Bulldog simply needed to create an environment that was fun to explore. We designed and developed an advent-calendar-themed landing page with animated hover effects to make the landing page experience as fun as the video from Vidyard's team.

"The holiday program was our top performing campaign of 2014! With over 400% more traffic than our average campaign and over 3,000 unique content downloads, it not only exceeded our demand gen goals but it generated tremendous goodwill and buzz within our customer ecosystem.”

- Tyler Lessard, CMO, Vidyard.


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