The IT Survivalist

For the final wave of campaigns for Sungard Availability Services, we created “The IT Survivalist.” (See the first wave of the video campaign here.)

This chapter of the program included a whole series of survival-themed content; infographics, guides and more. All of this was anchored by a new video series taking our IT hero deep into the great outdoors.

Accessible from the main campaign hub, users could also create a personalized, branded poster of themselves as an IT Survivalist hero (and print & share it), selecting from 4 different hero options. Each hero’s survival tools represent the various ways that Sungard can help their clients.

Included in the campaign were multiple survival- themed infographics and guides - all designed to make IT Availability more exciting to discover.

The team at Bulldog is always excited to bring powerful campaign ideas to new brands. So let's get the conversation started...

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