Mission Possible: Opening the Door to the C-Suite

Bottomline Technologies sought to secure meetings with C-level decision-makers at a select group of strategic accounts to introduce its new Cyber Fraud and Risk Management solutions.

For a lesser-known brand, engaging C–suite executives is extremely difficult. The team at Bottomline knew it needed a smart, creative solution to help break through the noise and grab the attention of this elite audience.

Working with Bulldog, it created a highly personalized, spy-themed creative campaign that issued a challenge to the audience. The mission, if the recipient chose to accept it, was to take a brief meeting with their “point of contact” at Bottomline Technologies (an assigned Sales executive). Of course, a message from an international security organization is rarely delivered in a conventional way. So, we shipped them an internet-ready tablet that launched a personalized and interactive video—digital, measurable engagement without competing for attention in the inbox.

One recipient (a Chief Security Information Officer at a top bank) remarked it was “one of the most clever things I’ve seen—amazingly well done, professional and made me want to see more. Most mailings, phone calls and letters never make it through my front-line defenses. It [the campaign] broke through my barriers.”

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